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Only by constant massaging of my body parts do I get some degree of relief.When the hurricane passes us by I know the itching will subside until the next stressful event or a dramatic weather change.Does this help explain why we sufferers of fibromyalgia often feel the urge to scratch from an itch that does not seem to have any biological rationale for being itchy?Gawande points out that “Scientists once saw itching as a form of pain.

I can’t get comfortable and my nerve endings are on fire.(The itching we experience in fibromyalgia is ‘phantom itching’.) “The more we examine the actual nerve transmissions we receive from the world outside, the more inadequate they seem” .It seems that the brain takes on a variety of signals to produce sensory experiences from our past, but the question arises about how we can retrain our brain to become more discriminatory?What could possibly be happening to the person with fibromyalgia who cannot find relief from an aggravation as severe as itching that could even cause open wounds, rashes and other skin lesions?Unlike the frustrations of a disease such as eczema, or a fungal infection of ringworm, or an autoimmune disorder of psoriasis, the itching of fibromyalgia does not seem to have a specific label which can be attached to it.

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