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"I looked up Ali's background there and wow, that's awesome that you have got such a diverse background.

It's really cool to read through that,” Garmon said.

Between decoding texts, figuring out if the person you’re into really likes you back or is just a flirt, and if the date is going to end with a kiss or an awkward hug — the subtleties are endless.

And that’s on top of finding someone of substance who is actually worth your time in the first place.

One-on-one is much easier.”A big part of dating someone is a lot more physical contact.

While holding hands and making out can make your heart race in a good way, for someone with autism, it can sometimes make them feel uncomfortable.

Because many people on the spectrum are super sensitive to light and sound, a trip to the food court and movies can lead to a sensory-overload disaster.“Somewhere like Mc Donalds, it’s loud and the smells can be overwhelming, and all the people going in and out is a lot,” says Linda. It’s really frustrating when I’m there trying to spend time with the person I want to be with and just focus on them.” Her advice: Pick somewhere with dim lighting that’s quiet. “With a group of people, I can’t easily establish a rapport with everyone because there is so much going on,” Tina says. ”Olivia, the Spectrum Singles founder, has been dating a non-autistic person for two years and says her discomfort for physical affection was an obstacle for them when they started dating.

When we first met, my behavior was very awkward and obsessive.” Because they were already close, she wasn’t nervous to tell him about her autism — and he was super supportive.Roy Moore's wife went to high school with his fifth accuser "That's a good question.Culturally speaking, obviously there's differences," Garmon said.Oh, and you really don’t like it when people touch you.Welcome to the world of dating when you’re autistic.

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