Dating of christmas

This was followed by money (23 per cent), beauty products (20 per cent), holidays (10 per cent) and seeing long lost family (six per cent).Clothing, jewelry, vouchers and hand-made gifts only amounted to four per cent collectively.When it comes to Christmas gifting, it seems the majority of Americans are not only in the dark about what to buy their loved ones, but they are rather clueless about how much money to spend.

Alcohol, fragrance, games, clothes, vouchers and seeing long lost family members were less than 10 per cent a piece.Interestingly, a whopping 80 per cent of all those surveyed said they wanted cash gifts, yet only two per cent are brave enough to ask for it.Age is also a divisive factor in this - 25-34-year-olds ask for money more than any other age group, while 40-60 year olds appreciate thoughtful presents over cold hard cash.The survey also revealed who the biggest spenders in the country are, with people in Texas averaging an approximate spend of 0.Florida came second (0), followed by New York (0), Massachusetts (0), and Ohio (0).

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