Dating with aspergers

In general, they are surrounded by friends and family who are always on hand to offer them help, advice and emotional support, just when they happen to need it the most.Our issue is that, as Aspies, quite often we have no one to turn to.As Aspies, we see each other’s colleagues and friends around us all day, flirting with each other, enjoying each other’s company, having a laugh, creating chemistry between each other. So, how can parents and siblings and friends help here? You may not think that the Aspie is ready to start dating as yet but, in all honesty, who ever is?

Use lots of positive words and phrases, such as really; what I like about this; why I really like. What you are looking to do here is to plant seeds of interest in your prospective partner’s mind.What has ultimately undone them, in their quest to help us mature and move on is the fact that, underneath it all, they have felt that we, as the Aspie, are not yet ready. What we need to do is to get into the back and forth rhythms of conversation, to take a moment and to listen to what the other person is actually saying. Have they mentioned something upcoming that they are going to do or are looking forward to? Sometimes you will end up saying the wrong thing because you have misunderstood them, but don’t worry! Make the signs absolutely obvious at the start and then more subtle as you go along. It will be, if you persevere, fun and it will really help your relationship grow.The intentions may be good but I still argue here and now that it is a mistake nonetheless. A good habit here, is to repeat, just casually, the last two or three words that the other person in the conversation has said to us. As well as being embarrassing, mistakes can be fun and you can learn from them too. Far more than being taken aside for “a wee word” and being told again all the things we’ve done wrong and why we shouldn’t have done them.This exclusive clip shows one of the more dramatic episodes in the film: Jane's just had a date go sour with a guy who she was set up with because he was "slow," and she and Bianca have an emotional argument that veers from dating to Jane's deeper issues with her sister.One of the first bits of advice I got when researching dating for Aspies was, just be you.

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