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Since two years have passed in the world of Inkopolis, many styles have been upgraded so no one is caught splatted in something that is “so 2015.” Galleria: To find all these hot new fashion trends, players just have to make their way to the Inkopolis Galleria.This row of popular gear and weapon shops is where all the cool kids and squids hang out.

New Splatoon series and legacy Splatoon amiibo are all compatible with Splatoon 2 and can also reward players with exclusive gear when tapped.There is a wide variety of abilities in the game, so selecting the right one to use could make or break the battle.Fresh Features: Some additional features coming to Splatoon 2 include a handy menu that lets players change the sensitivity of the controls separately for TV and Handheld mode, amiibo functionality and the ability to post drawings directly to social media.However, when the app is updated, Twitter will automatically activate read receipts, and you have to manually go into the 'Privacy and Safety' section to turn them off Not everyone is happy about the change, and several users have taken to Twitter to voice their worries.During the Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct broadcast, the company discusses all sorts of new and returning features coming to the sequel.

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