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The timing of her infatuation and severe change in careers was perfect – all things food from cookbooks to magazines and TV shows were taking off in the UK, and she had something to fill a very wide gap in the market, just by using the recipes of her family.

Hercules cleverly used what she has always known and grown up with to her advantage, which is evident in the first, and her favourite, chapter of , “Roots, shoots leaves all”.

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It’s a cuisine rather untouched in the UK, often tarnished as being bland and grey, but Hercules transforms the “unknown” into an accessible, beautiful and in many instances a mouthwatering cuisine that’s become the book of the moment by taking us on – as the book’s title suggests – a culinary journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan and beyond.Giving up her career as a journalist following the financial crash in 2008, Hercules turned her hobby into a career with an intense year of classical training at Leiths School of Food and Wine in west London, followed by working in restaurants – such as Ottolenghi – and making a living as a recipe writer and food stylist.But it was only in her early twenties that Hercules really started cooking.Her grandmother was forced to escape the poverty of Siberia after the war and travelled to Uzbekistan: the only place where markets were still with food in the Soviet era.On the way she met her Ukrainian husband and the pair later moved to Ukraine.

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