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Must judges and senators be romantically involved only with people of similar status? But if a 22-year-old graduate student gets involved with a 24-year-old teaching assistant or a 28-year-old assistant professor, and I think that's much more likely, that relationship is also prohibited by university policy." Why do companies have such policies? Universities, in contrast, generally present the policies as an attempt to prevent status abuse, he said."Do I think it's wise for an 18-year-old to be involved with a 40-year-old? Many of the country's premier universities, including Yale and the University of California, prohibit faculty-student romance, with the penalty of possible termination for faculty who violate the policy.Just don’t expect Wharton’s hallways to be populated with males locking horns for the right to copulate with the nearest female.Between classes, group work, readings, networking, and Play Station, there isn’t much time (let alone energy) for traditional dating. I mean, what difference does paying 00 for a romantic ski weekend make when you already owe 0,000?In reality, however, many relationships have imbalances in status, salary, age, attractiveness and other factors.Why, he asks, must the university legislate against them?To cut out that possibility, universities prohibit the relationship in the first place." Before you have surgery, you sign a release form saying you are aware of the risks and you waive your rights to hold the surgeon and hospital at fault, Abramson noted.

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We are willing to pay costs to protect fundamental rights.If you pair off with a classmate, you risk those smiles soon turning into scowls. Question is, can their etiquette live up to their GMATs? 3) Business school jargon lends itself to dirty talk.If you date outside the b-school pool, how can you possibly fit that special someone into your crazy schedule? As a whole, MBAs are easily the best catches among graduate students. Here are 50 reasons – some serious, some humorous – why any bachelor or bachelorette should make a b-line to the b-school for a date:1) The business school admissions team has already screened your dates. Imagine the stirrings you’ll feel when you hear “end-to-end,” “low hanging fruit,” “ramp up,” and “face time.” Bring along a Marvin Gaye CD and strap yourself in for an unforgettable evening.4) MBAs make serious marriage material. More importantly, it’ll make your siblings raging jealous. 5) Just ask this question to get their attention: “Would you rather make out or read about Blackberry?"By what authority does the university become the arbiter of romantic etiquette among consenting adults?I think the unspoken motivation is the concern that romance gone awry will lead to costly civil litigation.

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