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) at which time they must find a snail partner to mate with.

Most of the big land snails you see wandering around southern California, called California garden snails, are actually from Europe and were intentionally introduced to California to eat as food (escargot is a dish that is made from prepared snails, and it's a French delicacy).

The eggs will hatch and a baby snail will be born after 2-4 weeks.

While the baby grows and develops it stays in a nest near its parents for about 3 months before it is ready to go off into the world on its own.

Like many snails, they are hermaphrodites, meaning each individual has both male and female reproductive organs, although they must still mate with one another to reproduce.

In less ideal climates, they breed in the late spring or early summer, but in humid, tropical climates they can breed year-round, up to five times a year, and can even store extra sperm for up to a year in case they do not find another mate.

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