Is hugh hefner dating trisha frick

Rachel: So do a lot of people—at the Playboy Mansion and your friends in general—know about the BRCA gene and your mastectomy decision? Trisha: My friends in general know it, and the people that I’m close to—the core group at the Playboy Mansion—know about it. I came to the Playboy Mansion with Hef and others knowing I had this. I didn’t say when exactly, but I said that at some time in my life I’m going to have this done—and they were very accepting of it. Sometimes they say, “why don’t you just wait to see what happens? ” Trisha: I’ve heard that, even from younger people.But I don’t want a recall on a drug and still have a chance of cancer.I don’t see them, in the immediate future, saying, “Oh, here’s the miracle cure! Trisha: Don’t second-guess yourself and go with your gut! Last month, I had the pleasure of visiting Trisha Frick at the Playboy Mansion.I don’t want the side effects from a recalled drug. I think my peace of mind is more valuable than waiting for some sort of miracle drug to be produced. Trisha: It’s just really when the insurance starts moving and I know I have approval, and then, when can I fly my mom out here? I don’t know how I would have done it without my mom. You have to deal with the after-math of the prophylactic mastectomy too, more than just the physical and mental issues; the financial issues, the billing issues.Trisha: They’ve been trying to figure out cancer for years. Rachel: Okay wrapping up…do you have any words of wisdom? Don’t let other people make your decisions for you.

While her daily life seems glamorous and fun, she struggles with the same troubling concerns that many other high-risk women face.She explains her opinions and decisions and is honest about the situation. Rachel: When you’re older do you think you’ll have an oopherectomy? Especially BRCA2 versus BRCA1—it depends on which one you have.I am so grateful that she has decided to share her story, and I encourage other readers to do the same. And again, I have to note that this interview was very spontaneous and all over the place; it was more of a conversation than anything, hence the random topic jumps. Rachel: When you got tested for the BRCA mutation, were you worried about insurance? By that time, the law had passed that it can’t be held against you. When it comes to that point, I’ll probably be married so it’ll be easier to make that decision.Trisha is one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and has lived at the Playboy Mansion for almost a year.She gets to go to awesome parties and dress up all the time; she has access to a gorgeous swimming pool and what seems like an entire zoo at the Mansion; and she has developed quite the fan-following on Twitter and the Internet in general (I KNOW some of you have found my blog by typing “Trisha Frick” into Google!

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