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So, if you stay after midnight you are recommended not to walk around too much, and take a taxi quickly.PS: Despite it's dirty night life Aksaray is also a conservative district and for that reason Durak bar is usually closed during Ramadan period for about 30 days every year.If you walk from Taksim Square for a few minutes, you will see its sign-board on the left-hand side.Tekyon is very flexible with cover charges and cloakroom rituals compared to other gay clubs in Taksim; which may be one of the reasons it got more and more popular in the course of time.It starts early in the evening and gets busy before midnight.It is overwhelmingly frequented by local bears, mature and straight acting gay men with a few exceptions as could be anywhere.Traditionally Hamams (Turkish baths) are the most popular venues among bears and mature gay men living in Istanbul. No: 6 Cukurcuma, Beyoglu Web: A small historical bath house in Beyoglu can be the one most popular one for gays and most recommended if you want to see the local ambiance. No:21 Samatya, Istanbul Web: Although it is not very centrally located it became popular since 2013 due to its liberal atmosphere and it would definitely be among the suggested bath houses to meet Turkish bears & admirer as well as straight acting and mature gay men.

Male belly dancer, go-go boys and simple drag shows performed by the bar staff can be fun to see, usually on Tuesday nights after am.Durak Pub (-) Address: Muratpasa Sokak, No: 9 Yusufpasa, Aksaray, Istanbul Web: Istanbul Gay Opened as Pasam Birahanesi, re-named as Durak (bus stop), the venue is the meeting place of naturally-born-bears.It has a totally local and exotic atmosphere, including traditional live Turkish music performance available almost everyday.The venue has a completely different atmosphere than all other gay bars and clubs located in Taksim.First of all beer is much cheaper, which is something an average bear would expect.

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