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We now need to install it using the command line (log in to your raspberry as user "pi"): Some packages will be installed in the installation process; just type "y" to proceed with the installation.

As the current version of motion does not (yet) support the Raspberry camera module, we need to download and install a special build with support for this camera module.

Be sure to enable SSH in Raspbian so that you are able to control the Raspberry device also when there is no monitor and keyboard attached.

The official website can be found at At first, you should install the OS and software to the Raspberry Pi before mounting it all together.This has the advantage that the "tech" of the camera is not visible anymore.If you like the camera recording led to be visible, don't cover it.Be sure to mount the Raspberry board safely so that it doesn't tumble around in the housing.As our housing had a very large glass window at the front, we have closed it with a black paper with a hole in it.

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