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By 2080, the data suggested, the Jewish community there would be virtually non-existent.Among the study's conclusions was that Israel would be home to the world's largest Jewish community as early as 2020, and the majority of the world's Jews by 2050.Most Klei Kodesh in Mexico today are from Argentina. In the same period, according to the study, the number of Jews in Israel would likely double, swelling to 10 million.The study also anticipated a severe decline in the number of Jews in the former Soviet Union.Largest current exodus is to Germany, followed by Israel and the USA. However, replenished by immigration from other Latin American countries to Mexico.Those leaving are much wealthier than those coming, though immigration to Mexico has positively impacted on its Judaism.

In Russia and other former Soviet countries, Orthodoxy is the overwhelming presence.Even if we exclude Israel from these figures, it takes only eight countries to reach that figure. North American Anglo Jewry (The United States and Canada) comprises 71% of the Diaspora and 46.4% of total world Jewry.The total Jewish Anglo-Saxon population comprises 76.8% of the Diaspora.The war left 250,000 displaced Jews who were mainly supported by the Joint Distribution Committee until they could relocate. The Moslem countries emptied out, and the world Jewish population has continued to consolidate over time in fewer countries with large urban Jewish populations over time.The main counter trend in Europe has been Germany, with a large Russian immigrant influx of over 100,000 Jews.

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