Radiometric dating speed of light

• old-universe claims by TO and Hill Roberts; a good overview of current young-universe astronomy by Danny Faulkner; young-universe claims by Don De Young and Jonathan Sarfati (with science plus Galileo).

The overviews & responses above also include some astronomy, especially in Humphreys (topics 1-3), and TO's Topic-List & Tiscareno (astronomy plus the final topic in page, Star Distances).

• Mark Isaak asks 20 tough questions about Producing the Geological Record in a Global Flood.

• Answers In Creation offers a free Online Geology Curriculum for homeschoolers, or anyone who wants to learn.

• a summary (by Ashby Camp) of ideas in Faith, Form and Time (a book by Kurt Wise, a prominent young-earth scientist).

But proponents of young-earth theories challenge the evaluations that lead to old-earth conclusions./ The claims of RATE are also criticized by Stephen Meyers & Greg Neyman and others.To help you learn quickly and well, here are some carefully selected resources: • explanations of the Big Bang Expansion: a brief overview and Cosmology 101 (a series from NASA) and Three Evidences (by Perry Phillips) and news FAQ tutorial (from Ned Wright).Advocates of young-earth flood geology often point to a geological feature caused by a fast-acting catastrophic event (a flood, volcano,...) and imply that this proves old-earth geology is wrong because it insists that ALL geological features were produced by slow-acting uniformitarian processes.But modern conventional geological science, which is accepted by almost all geologists, is a "hybrid combination" proposing that slow uniformitarian processes produced most features, but fast catastrophic events produced some features, as explained by Mark Isaak and Greg Neyman.

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