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The pair thanked village staff, board members, the special events commission, the nearby Parkview School which also participated, police and fire departments, and neighbors, for helping making the weekend a success.

Carpentersville residents Matt and Betty Westlund heard booming sounds coming out of the village Saturday morning. The couple had heard about the Civil War re-enactment in Carpenter Park.

So we really appreciate it and we really want to come back and do this again."Trustee Ed Ritter said Carpenter Park, which is currently under construction, will be ready in time for summer events."Work with Pat and make sure you get a good date so get it locked up," he said.

This list contains information on area events listed by the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association, the Fifth Missouri Infantry (CS), Inc., and the 1st Missouri Battalion (CS), as well as other events we know about.

They become more and more impressed as they discover the world of living history.

If you were unable to attend the Civil War reenactment event in Carpentersville this summer, don't worry: you'll likely to be able catch it again next year.

It gives date, location, type and estimated size of event; contact information if available, and occasional other comments.

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(Erin Sauder)"In our demonstration area at the reenactment some of your firefighters came over and we let them go through the whole motion of firing one of our cannons," Sanko said.Since the weekend in Carpenter Park, 351 Carpenter Blvd., Wozniak said the group's reenactors have been asking when they can come back."Every event (they say), 'Are we doing Carpentersville again?Let's get a date.' We've been involved in running several different events in other towns and you guys blew it away.At Tuesday's meeting, Chuck Wozniak and Stuart Sanko, board members of Stanford's Battery of Illinois, thanked Carpentersville trustees for allowing them to bring the living history weekend to Carpenter Park.The non-profit organization is dedicated to preserving the country's Civil War era history."We want to extend our gratitude," Wozniak said. All the reenactors were telling us, 'That town was amazing.

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