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Please note that by nature a "crumble" will have more fine particles or "dust".We compensate for this in weight (in other words a 2 oz bag has more than 2 oz.).The original creator of of the ingredients and process for Paradigm and now "AAP Premium All Natural" fish foods has been breeding Rift Lake African cichlids going on 30 years now.He tried every single manufactured fish food there is on the market and was never completely happy with any of them.

This is an excellent number for a fish food ingredient.

This food is unique, unlike how even most of the other better fish foods that do not correctly limit/optimize proteins along with energy levels, and as well still have to supplement their food to hit the target needed for optimal fish nutrition.

While there are many other prepared fish foods (or even good DIY recipes) that utilize top quality ingredients (including similar copycat fish foods), this AAP Custom Fish Food by Clay N.

It can also cause some health issues with long term feeding as too much protein also can lead to premature renal failure, which unfortunately many of the otherwise very best competing foods tend to ignore this issue and go with "the more the better".

The binders of the food have also been reworked with kelp and peas VIDEO; Tropheus eating Herbivore Formula WHY DOES "AAP PREMIUM ALL NATURAL" & PARADIGM USE CERTAIN INGREDIENTS?

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