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The main advantage is to be fully self hosted from the Failsafe mode, and not have to manipulate SVM more than necessary, especially when breaking the mirror, loosing redundancy for a time. This is easily accomplished following the Sun documentations x86: How to Boot the Failsafe Archive for Recovery Purposes, and x86: How to Boot the Failsafe Archive to Forcibly Update a Corrupt Boot Archive.

[...] Booting to milestone "milestone/single-user:default". The main drawback is when the system is encapsulated under a SVM mirror (RAID-1) since the Well.

Above error informs to boot from alternate disk disk01.

Once you boot from the alternate disk, if the Plexes on the original boot disk were simply stale, they are caught up automatically as the system comes up.

Third, a great listing of recent add-ons put in latest SXCE builds is available at Robert Milkowski's blog.

Last, be sure to check Tim Foster explanations about the recently announced ZFS Boot support in build 62, for the x86 platform.

For example, if a system was installed using Live Upgrade, the GRUB menu might not be located in the current boot environment.

While booting, most disk drivers display errors on the console about the invalid UNIX partition information on the failing disk.

The messages are similar to this: The /etc/vfstab file has an entry for /usr only if /usr is located on separate disk partition.

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