What to do when apple tv zes while updating

We suppose this is a side-effect of telling a story as a collage of blog entries and web news reports, in an update of the style pioneered by John Dos Passos: it's innovative but ultimately unsatisfying.

Also, the C code listings are a major obstacle for the non-technical reader.

However, instead of helping Microsoft fix them, we are supposed to believe that the NSA their knowledge of weaknesses in Microsoft Windows, a vitally important piece of their own nation's infrastructure, in case they'll come in handy againt some hypothetical future enemy.

(I'm sorry, but this just won't wash; surely the good guys would prioritize protecting their own corporate infrastructure?

These documents are the crown jewels of cyberwarfare, but they're apparently just lying around on the NSA's internal network for anyone to grab.

Wiki Leaks, we are led to believe, may be a front for that sort of thing. This is a huge missed opportunity for tension and plot development and it's completely absent from the manuscript as reviewed.

Willing suspension of disbelief can be abused if the story lacks plausibility, and ?

Also, who is supposed to have smuggled these secrets out of the NSA headquarters, and how? Anyway, this preposterous intelligence leak shows up on the internet and includes details of a vulnerability in Microsoft's file sharing system, codenamed ETERNALBLUE.

This only really affects older Windows systems and can be blocked by simply switching off legacy file sharing support, so it's no big deal, but Microsoft dilligently release security updates through March, including a fix for vulnerability MS17-010, as the NSA black ice is renamed by people who don't get their ideas for codenames out of bad technothrillers.

Summary: well-written, but short on characterization and the plot, while dense, makes essentially no sense and relies on a Deus Ex Machina ending to allow the hero (who only shows up at the eleventh hour) to triumph bloodlessly.

With mac OS High Sierra, Mac users gain powerful new core storage, video and graphics technologies.

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