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This can save many hours of fixing a bad update because you didn’t realize it would update 1,000,000 rows when you thought that only about 1,000 should have been updated.I never run an update or delete statement for the first time that contains a join or complex where clause without first checking the select for the same code.

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Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.Transaction == ‘zzz1’) from DB, puts the record set to the buff1 and returns buff1 back to the client. Client enters the ‘While select’ body and goes through all the records in the buff1.At the end of each iteration the ‘While select’ calls kernel “SQL Cursor::next” method implicitly, but this action only moves buff1 inner pointer to the next record; 2) When the class is running on the AOS side we have the following:a.However, it is better in this case to use the SELECT clause syntax instead of the VALUES clause.For instance, the following code: Sometimes developers use cursors because they don’t know the syntax for using joins in updates or deletes.

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