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Belding makes him faculty adviser for the Bayside Breeze, the school newspaper which needs some livening up.

The first big story is about the girls' swim team not being able to go to the tournament finals for lack of money.

Also, the TV show "Club Jam" is holding a dance contest at Bayside. Brian helps Bobby pair up with Megan, but Bobby has a problem: he can't dance.

Scott Erikson transfers into Bayside from Valley and decides that the route to popularity is to make Lindsay his girlfriend, so he gets Weasel to fix a dance raffle for profit, and for a date with Lindsay. The annual competition pitting the staff of Pacific Palisades Country Club against Mr. Lindsay and Megan have to teach Tommy D to swim so he can fill a spot on the relay team. Harrington, Clare Salstrom as Alison Harrington Note: Some season 2 episodes took place not at Bayside High, but at Palisade Hills Country Club, and chronologically were supposed to take place during the summer before the season 2 episodes set in Bayside High.

Former Bayside High pupil and current college student Samuel "Screech" Powers returns to his alma mater as an administrative assistant to Mr. A new student from Switzerland, Brian Keller, is attracted to Rachel. Also, Brian has to find a way to convince Rachel to stay at the Club after she learns her college boyfriend, David, won't be coming out for the summer. Megan is running a blood drive and while contributing to it, Screech falls for the pretty nurse Penny Brady.

Screech gives his staff permission to skip Belding's PSAT review and other classes to work on deadline. Belding has to talk to Screech about him letting students miss so much work.

Screech shuts down operations on the paper for a while and leads the PSAT review himself.

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